The Male Brain.

Fe-male brain

I currently have two boys pursuing me. One is a creep, the other is a friend who is kind of creepy. Both believe that the best way to win my heart is by sending me Facebook messages and liking/commenting on my posts. Neither seem to have realized that I do not respond to them. Ever. You think they would get the hint.

I have been discussing these situations with my roommate so he is relatively aware of what is going on. Although, each time I bring it up he acts as if he is recalling some distant memory from his early childhood or something and often forgets who I am talking about when I refer to them by name. And his normal response to my complaints is to just go out with one or both of the boys or to tell them no by calling them freaks or some other derogatory term.

So, this time after receiving a Facebook message from both boys I call out to Roommate telling him they are at it again. This time, instead of giving me the same basic response he always gives, he says

“I didn’t realize you were so cute”.

At first I was shocked at the different response. Then, once I actually processed what he said, my female brain took it as

‘I am your roommate, I see you every day and even I don’t think you are attractive’

But his male brain probably just meant

‘I can’t think of a real response to this because I really don’t care so I will just say the first thing that comes to mind. It will be a sarcastic joke and she will never know I am really half listening while playing video games’.

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